Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Some of us have seen a positive difference in Twitter (after paying to play), but at the same time, we can’t justify the monthly charge to have our comments discovered. Because, let’s face it…. Our replies aren’t necessarily garnering new follows. I personally have seen a reply get over 500 likes, and none of them have turned into new followers. While, it’s nice to have the feature that allows you to edit your tweets for up to 30 mins after posting them, it’s just not enough to keep pumping 8 bucks a month (plus tax) into Twitter. We’re told that we’re in an economic crisis, and it seems so with the way that prices for everything keeps going up in order to meet the demand of the recent gas price hike that we’ve all been pretty upset about. It seems like there’s some neat features to pay for here, but, the question I keep asking is if it’s really worth it to have to pay to play in perpetuity? Well, I just don’t know.

Elon has kept an open–door–policy to a handful of people who are trying to investigate exactly what has gone on during the previous ownership of Twitter, and what was discovered is astounding and has shocked quite a few people on all sides of political spectrums. However, what was discovered doesn’t come as a surprise to me out of all–people, as I’ve seen it first–hand. But, what exactly did they discover? They found out that corrupt politicians have silenced people who were telling the truth, which is the equivalent of schoolyard bullying at best. When I was upset because people kept lying about these stupid false–flag tragedies that were being rampaged throughout the lands and pretending like there were just so many tragedies happening back–to–back–to–back by the boatloads, corrupt officials put major pressure on Twitter to have my accounts suspended over and over again.

I had gone through so many accounts that it would have made your head spin. It definitely made mine spin. I mean, seriously, imagine how many accounts I’ve gone through since 2012 when this all started. Here it is, 2023, and I’m just now feeling like we might be kind of close to making it out of the woods finally. Somehow, I feel like I could get justice for all of the injustices that have been done to me on social media. When it comes to this, I don’t want to hear the words “big tech bias” when referring to this issue, because it was clearly political bias. You should have seen the petty reasons that I had lost my Twitter accounts for. It happened so many times, that I couldn’t possibly remember all of the reasons. All I know is that I would start to get recognition, people would start to follow me, I would get likes and retweets and replies, and I would already have started to build meaningful connections with some pretty important people all across the world through Twitter, and then…. suddenly, I would be banned. My profile would disappear and be replaced with a notice that said that this account was suspended and I could login, but I couldn’t do anything on my profiles or in my settings at all. Sometimes I didn’t even have to do anything wrong at all, and my account would just be gone–with–the–wind. I was upset to say the least.

One positive thing I can say about paying to play is that with a verified badge, it seems like people take your opinions more seriously, but at the same time, it also makes you a target. And when I mention the people who take your profile seriously, I mean, high-profile people, like actors and people like that. People that don’t dare to show their faces in public, but typically rage online about liberal ideas that most red-blooded Americans vehemently disagree with. These are the people who can afford to pay extra to have everything delivered to them so that they don’t have to show their face in public and deal with the repercussions of someone recognizing them and possibly having something to say to them about all of the things that they’ve said online. This is what liberals fear the most…. Having to face the people who disagree with them.